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Our cutting-edge IT systems, networking and security products solve multidimensional challenges of business needs and changes. We are registered partners and contractors of OEMs.

Our end-to-end managed services portfolio helps us meet complex IT and security challenges and fight emerging threats. We are trusted by our clients, more than a decade relationship.

Our partnership with the futuristic technology product of OEMs enable us to provide value-added and industry-specific solutions by utilizing our diverse experience of managing and securing organizations from different industry verticals.

Our Vision

To meet clients’ visions and business continuity, being committed to build our human capital in a “Center of Excellence” technology service, cost-effective and reliable recognition.

Our Mission

Transform with today’ and tomorrow’ enterprise security and network solutions
Enhance technology enablement to clients’ needs and changes
Support onsite with remote monitoring to ensure high-uptime to our clients
Create and provide proactive and efficient resources to client premises


Establishing a quality management system,fast service creation without infrastructure spend and service acceleration
Continual improvement of our process, system and technology
Capacity building and knowledge management of team
Work on creating policies, standards, guidelines and procedures to enhance QoS@Clients


Meet commitments of warranty offered and observe lifecycle use of supply to clients’ retention,Be a Trustworthy and innovative facilitator,Facilitating universal access to modern telecom services,Promoting IPV6 technology in the sector,Promoting the use of Internet Security awareness by accessing through various devices,Creating a modular backbone of reliable connectivity and upgrade,Developing indigenous know‐how and industry standards,Research and provide increased Line of Site technology on private WWAN links,Share clients about technology updates,Growth shall be based on the development of solutions that simplify the use and strengthen the usefulness of advanced communications technology,Contribute to give customers greater freedom of choice and more options,Simplify people's workday, make business and activities more efficient and increase their competitive,Delivering high uptime, managed risk, increased availability through our team efforts,Project management based on design, cost, quality, risk and time bound,Meet clients’ BCP and DRP of their global infrastructure

All Types (AMC) Annual Maintenance Contract
Call Base Service
Facility Management Services (FMS) Contract
Setup Re- Installation / Re- Configuration

SecureNet IT Solutions is an IT, Power Consultant & Service providing solutions to small, Medium and large organisation.

We deliver customized business solutions through a combination of process excellence, Quality frame work & swift service delivery, to customer productivity at optimum cost.

  • All Types (AMC) Annual Maintenance Contract
  • Call Base Service
  • Facility Management Services (FMS) Contract
  • Setup Re- Installation / Re- Configuration

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